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Each day at Fusion 2.0 incorporates a variety of engaging, inspiring activities. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and enough free time to re-energize, refuel, and refresh.

Wed, Nov 10 8:30 amBuilding a Truly Human Workplace Where Everyone MattersBob Chapman
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amBreak Down Silos: Unlock Your Inner Changemaker to Foster a Truly Human WorkplaceHenry AlbrechtIntegrated (All Tracks)
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amRevolutionizing Engagement: Creating Work JoyDeAnna MurphyEffectively Supporting Change
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amThe Next Generation of WellbeingNate DvorakThriving Well Employees
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amThe Unifying Goal of CultureC. Stephen ByrumThriving Safe Employees
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amBusting Your BiasKelly WeileyThe Future Workplace
Wed, Nov 10 10:25 amDeveloping You: Understanding Your Leadership Point of ViewGregory CampbellBeing Your Best Self
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amMeaningful Metrics to Determine High Performance ProgramsLinda RiddellThriving Well Employees
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amIt Starts with You: Beating Burnout & Becoming Your Best SelfRachel DruckenmillerBeing Your Best Self
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amCreating Meaningful Employee ExperiencesMichelle SpehrIntegrated (All Tracks)
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amCreating a People-Centric CultureAaron DimmockThe Future Workplace
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amHaving Conversations That WorkWendy LynchEffectively Supporting Change
Wed, Nov 10 11:20 amGauging Your Safety Culture: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?Cynthia BraunThriving Safe Employees
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmAligning Wellness and Organizational Effectiveness at Columbia Sportswear CompanyCassie Buckroyd
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmThe Dream Project Journey of Miron ConstructionEric Marcoe
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmPermission to Screw Up: Lessons Learned from Student Maid’s Growth JourneyKristen Hadeed
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmBreaking the Mold in Healthcare: Buurtzorg’s Self-Management JourneyMichelle Muenich Michels
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmWork Doesn’t Have to Suck: ADURO’s Journey to Remove Silos and Create a Happy(8)Hours CultureToni Best
Wed, Nov 10 1:45 pmGrowing Through Grassroots Means: How Salo Has Found Success by Anchoring on its Mission, Values and VisionJeff Donnay
Wed, Nov 10 3:30 pmRethinking the Role of Wellbeing for Humanized, High-Performing OrganizationsJon Robison, Rosie Ward
Thu, Nov 11 8:30 amMessengers from the Future?Robert Kegan
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amBuilding a Psychologically Healthy & Safe WorkplaceElizabeth Rankin-HorvathThriving Safe Employees
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amPlay to Your DifferencesLynise AndersonBeing Your Best Self
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amAm I Hungry? A Mindful Eating Program to Break the Eat-Repent-Repeat CycleMichelle MayThriving Well Employees
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amCulture is the New CurrencyTamien Dysart, Vaney HaririThe Future Workplace
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amOpioid Abuse: Know the FactsAl LewisIntegrated (All Tracks)
Thu, Nov 11 10:15 amThe Living Organization & the Power of ContextNorman WolfeEffectively Supporting Change
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amFuture-Proof Your Company Culture with Context DesignBreean MillerThe Future Workplace
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amMake Empathy Your Super PowerShannon White, Charlie White, Kathy SissonIntegrated (All Tracks)
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amPulling the Future ForwardJennifer ReecyBeing Your Best Self
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amAn Outward Mindset—Enabling Breakthrough Organizational PerformanceMitch WarnerEffectively Supporting Change
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amSafety AwakeningRana DeBoerThriving Safe Employees
Thu, Nov 11 11:10 amDesigning and Implementing Financial Wellness ProgramsShane Robson-SmithThriving Well Employees
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmReinventing the Workplace: SIG’s Approach to Culture and FlexibilityRichard Silberstein
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmPowered By Purpose: How Hudl Has Helped Unlock Full PotentialLeah Pitzenberger
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmFostering a Thriving Employee Experience: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Thrive Pass’ Journey to Be Intentional About Their Company Purpose and CultureColleen Reilly
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmMaking Learning Stick: How Mosaic is Transforming People DevelopmentDori Rutkevitz, Onno Koelman
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmFostering the Meaning of Work: How NatureWorks Energized & Aligned its People Through a Refreshed Mission, Vision and ValuesSarah Morari
Thu, Nov 11 1:40 pmDifferentiating through Development: How Sportech Created a Thriving Culture via Their Leadership AcademyBilly Sanderson, Brandyn Negri
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmThe Power of Self-Regulation as Foundation to SuccessElizabeth Robinson, Stephen RobinsonThriving Well Employees
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmEngagement 2.0: People-Centered WorkabilityJason ParkerThriving Safe Employees
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmIntrinsic … the Key to Engagement, Development and Unleashing PotentialJodi SivonEffectively Supporting Change
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmTrue Leadership is a Conscious ChoiceLouise GriffithBeing Your Best Self
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmElevating Humanity Through Business: A Profit StrategyAlexander McCobinThe Future Workplace
Thu, Nov 11 3:30 pmHealthcare Stole the American Dream…Here’s How We Take it BackDavid ContornoIntegrated (All Tracks)
Thu, Nov 11 4:30 pmCreating a Safe, Resilient and Risk Competent OrganizationTony HortonThriving Safe Employees
Fri, Nov 12 8:30 amCreating a Thriving Workplace CultureOndra L. Berry
Fri, Nov 12 9:45 amShifting the Focus from Weight to WellbeingRebecca JohnsonThriving Well Employees
Fri, Nov 12 9:45 amThe Art of Purposeful Leadership: The Future LeaderCraig NealThe Future Workplace
Fri, Nov 12 9:45 amSafety and Risk – Chasing “Next Practice”Tony HortonThriving Safe Employees
Fri, Nov 12 9:45 amUnlocking Purpose at WorkArthur WoodsBeing Your Best Self
Fri, Nov 12 9:45 amDelivering the Ultimate Employee PromiseAndrew SykesEffectively Supporting Change
Fri, Nov 12 12:30 pmThe Healing OrganizationRaj Sisodia

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Leading the way to a thriving, people-centered workplace requires collaborating with people you may not work with on a daily basis. Remember to get out of your silo — you'll get the most out of your Fusion 2.0 experience by selecting sessions in each of the program tracks. 

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CHES/MCHES - Up to 15.5 hours

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