Be You - Nobody Does it Better!
Breakout Session

Presenter: Kris Wickett


Track: Show Up as a Leader

About the Session

Being mindful of how we approach opportunities and challenges can be very powerful as it can open your ears and heart. In this session, we will look at ways to better understand ourselves and others—while having fun!

Three Key Thoughts for Showing up as a Leader:
1. Discover Your Style, Learn the Style of Others, and be a continuous work in progress.
2. Kindness Matters—working toward a ‘win-win’ makes a difference.
3. Work Hard, Play Harder—why we need passion and engagement.

Learning Objectives

  1. Improve Self-Awareness - On an individual level, having an awareness of one’s own strengths is highly beneficial. The more a person knows about themselves, the more easily they can direct their life to ensure they are successful.

  2. Facilitate Collaboration - When working together on projects, or being a team member in an organization, it’s beneficial to have a variety of strengths present, and understanding individual strengths assists in creating awesome teams.  

  3. Promote Positive Coaching – When you focus on people’s strengths, rather than their weaknesses, you create a positive workplace atmosphere.  When giving feedback, you can talk about how each employee’s strengths relate to their performance while also discussing ways to support them in areas that don’t match their strengths.

About the Presenter(s)

Kris Wickett

Kris Wickett

Kris Wickett is a Director at Improving with years of hands-on experience leading large corporations through transformations. Her passion is inspiring leadership/teams on their journey of discovering their natural talents to maximize their potential.

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