Beyond Doing: Essential Skills for the 21st Century Leader
Learning Lab

Presenter: Dr. Chris Johnson


Date: September 14

Track: Show Up as a Leader

About the Session

Twenty-first-century leaders require a broader skill set to act with flexibility and agility in ever-changing, complex environments.

For leaders to transform stress into deep resilience, and create opportunities out of the unexpected, requires a new way of being, a new ‘self.’ This essential move from doing to being requires Embodied Leadership skills.

This interactive session, grounded in somatic intelligence, focuses on a body-mind approach that enables participants to experience the body as a source of intelligence, power, and wisdom.

By working with embodied patterns of perception and behavior, leaders can train to shift from reactive to responsive, allowing them to become fully present, embody their vision, and build trust.

Learning Objectives

  1. Access the intelligence of the mind/body system to transform pressure and stress into resilience and ease.

  2. Learn and practice the power of a pause to build a more powerful leadership presence.

  3. Generate moods of trust, respect, and dignity.

About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Chris Johnson

Doctorate in Psychology
Q4-Consulting, Inc.

Founder of Q4 Consulting, Chris partners with individuals and organizations to design and implement training programs that access intuition, surface internalized patterns and mindsets, and address the roadblocks inherent in change.

Through embodied leadership offerings, Chris and her team support professionals at all levels — to build the capacity, compassion, and resilience needed to thrive as leaders. With the potent combination of deepened awareness and aligned action, these leaders cultivate generative organizations committed to the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Chris challenges and supports leaders ready to embark on integrating life and work in sustainable, fulfilling ways. She is committed to extending the transformational work of embodied leadership to those committed to creating the future.

When Chris isn’t working, you’ll find her in the garden, making art, hiking or skiing the slopes, listening to jazz, or, at the aikido dojo – practicing the art of peace.

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