Caring for Your People in the VUCA World of Technology
Breakout Session

Presenter: Bill Crahen

Presenter: Nancy Pautsch


Track: Create Fearless Environments

About the Session

Today’s businesses are more reliant than ever on utilizing technology to drive successful outcomes. At the same time, we are experiencing incredible complexity and volatility with our IT systems. Cyber criminals are well organized and often state sponsored with the goal of disrupting our businesses to make financial gains for themselves. Every business no matter what size or industry are in a battle to protect their systems and keep their businesses moving forward. Our people are the heart of our businesses and they are also on the frontlines of your Cyber defenses, together lets learn how to invest and care for our people so they can care for our businesses.

Learning Objectives

  1. Navigating the Uncertainty: Cybercriminals have changed the ways we protect our systems and good enough no longer allows us to stay protected, and to make matters worse, it’s an ever-changing world of uncertainly. Learn how to take advantage of frameworks and communities to ensure you don’t have to build your security programs from scratch.

  2. Caring for Your People as They Care for Your Business: No employee wants to be the one to introduce harm into the business, but we do need to enable our people to know what to look for and what actions to take when they suspect something isn’t right. Providing the proper tools and training allows us to care for our employees so they can care for our business.

  3. Creating Conscious United Front in the VUCA Technology World: Your employees have been trained to focus on your customers and business outcomes, allowing them to excel on those fronts rather than having to divert their efforts in the VUCA technology world. Learn how to take advantage of win/win partnerships so your users can maintain focus and you don’t have to go IT alone.

About the Presenter(s)

Bill Crahen

Chief Stakeholder Architect (CTO)
Envision IT
Bill Crahen is the Chief Architect of Stakeholder Value (CTO) of Envision. Bill entered the technology industry as a young consulting engineer with an innate growth mindset. Before long he was leading the most innovative teams pushing the limits of how technology can impact how people work and then sharing those experiences on the world stage. With his finger on the pulse of the industry and constant dialogue with clients, Bill is Envision’s guidepost for relevance among the sea of emerging technology platforms.
Nancy Pautsch
Nancy Pautsch
Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President)
Envision IT
Nancy Pautsch is the Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President) of Envision. As a veteran in the technology industry and conscious leadership devotee, Nancy led Envision’s evolution as a thriving Firm of Endearment. She proves how even in the most sharp-elbowed industry a company can profitably combine noble purpose, strategic differentiation, and care for people for long-term success.

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