Conscious Leadership as a Path to Success at Envision IT
Innovators Series

Presenter: Nancy Pautsch


About the Session

What started as a search for intuition, Nancy Pautsch’s self-work to conscious leadership (though she didn’t have the language for it yet) conflicted with her successful career in the competitive technology industry. Then she read the book Firms of Endearment which opened a whole new world to her – a world where a thriving and for-profit business can be a force for good. She proves how even in the most sharp-elbowed industry a company can profitably combine noble purpose, strategic differentiation, and care for people for long-term success. Join Nancy as she takes you on her journey to conscious leadership and business.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify key steps taken contributing to organizational success at Envision IT.

2. Describe the main challenges and pitfalls to avoid.

3. Apply primary lessons from Envision’s journey to support your organization.

About the Presenter(s)

Nancy Pautsch

Nancy Pautsch

Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President)
Envision IT
Nancy is an ever-evolving conscious leader and technology industry veteran. She leads purpose-driven Envision IT, the go-to technology partner for businesses across the U.S. Envision’s story is chronicled in the book, Rehumanizing the Workplace.

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