Creating Safe Communication Spaces Starts with the Brain
Breakout Session

Presenter: Dr. Ali Atkison


Date: September 14

Track: Create Fearless Environments

About the Session

For employees to thrive and maximize their impact on all stakeholders, it is imperative that they feel they're in a safe communication space. But there are common roadblocks that make it challenging for leaders to connect with employees and create these safe spaces.

In this breakout session, we’ll examine some of the structures and functions of the brain that can create mental roadblocks in those with whom we’re communicating. Leaders will learn strategies to address and mitigate these roadblocks to create safe communication spaces—and thus, impactful workplaces—for employees.

The strategies presented in this session are grounded in brain science, but don’t worry—they’re easy to understand and employ!

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the obstacles that can be present in the brains of employees that make them feel less safe and, thus, impair effective communication.

  2. Learn science-backed tactics for addressing and mitigating the roadblocks that can impair communication efforts with employees (and employees with each other).

  3. Gain confidence in your ability to create psychologically safe workplaces for employees.

About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Ali Atkison

Dr. Ali Atkison

ROI Communication Solutions

Dr. Ali Atkison is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, trainer, and teaching professional who has educated and inspired audiences of all sizes for more than two decades. With more than 20 years in higher education, Dr. Ali is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on how the adult brain learns.

Her unique background is as a practitioner, educator, and
lecturer who has mastered the art of making communication and learning more effective. By delivering clear, tangible, and, yes, actually fun, workshops and programs, Dr. Ali engages organizations and teams who want to make learning stick for lasting results.

Dr. Ali has published articles in ATD Magazine, UPCEA’s Unbound, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. And she is a professor & creator of self-paced digital courses for Wondrium and Audible on brain-based tactics.

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