Designing Work for Wellbeing Where Inclusion is the Connective Tissue

Presenter: Beth Finkle


Date: September 12

Time: 9:00 am

Track: Create Fearless Environments

About the Session

Employees, humans in fact, have been challenged in ways inconceivable to the naked mind. Individual wellbeing cannot be accomplished if we are not getting clear on how the pandemic and worldly crises’ have affected the wellbeing of everyone, disproportionately for many. As organizations seek to prioritize wellbeing and become accountable to it, they must first a deep-rooted understanding of inclusion.

At its core, inclusion is about having a sense of true belonging; it impacts how we uniquely move through our workday and is critical to the success of any organization. In this session we will highlight how to create a strategy to nurture belonging where wellbeing is amplified and organizational impact is maximized. We will reach beyond race, religion, sexuality and ability to also encompass varying ways of thinking, design of work, and capacity for resilience.

This workshop will help you rethink your inclusion journey, realign existing resources to foster greater collaboration and impact, and create a work environment that honors, respects and welcomes everyone and allows wellbeing to thrive.

Learning Objectives

  1. Individuals will be able to define inclusion beyond race, religion, and sexuality
  2. Individuals will be able to identify workplace environment design that result in a sense of belonging
  3. Individuals can identify principles of inclusion that crosssectionally amplify wellbeing
  4. Individuals will be able identify current resources that can be mapped into a new wellbeing strategy design
  5. Individuals can articulate emotional wellbeing activities they engage in
  6. Individuals will be able to identify what makes social relationships healthy

About the Presenter(s)

Beth Finkle

MPH, CHES, TWCC, Mental Health First Aid
Director, Employee Health and Wellbeing
University of Delaware
Experienced Director with 16 years demonstrated history in designing environments to promote lasting health and wellbeing. Throughout her career, Beth has worked in a variety of employer settings including hospitals, health insurance companies, national sports teams, manufacturing sites and most recently Higher Education at the University of Delaware. Her superpower is people, with a flair for simplicity and she loves working on complex people scenarios. She is a demonstrated leader in organizational health initiatives, employee experience design, program planning and professional development creation.

Along with her Public Health education and training, and extensive worksite health promotion background, Beth also holds several recognized field certificates such as Certified Health Education Specialist through NCHEC, Restorative Practice Consultant from the IIRP and Thriving Workplace Wellbeing Consultant through SALVEO Partners.

When Beth entered the field of public health, she knew there were endless ways to help people live better lives – if she was willing to collaborate with others, stay curious and continue to learn. Her passion has always been relationships and creating connections so communities can comprehensively support the individuals who support them.

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