Empower Leaders as Resilience Champions
Breakout Session

Presenter: Alanna Fincke


Track: Wade in the Messy Middle

About the Session

Leaders are feeling the burden. meQuilbrium’s internal data, which tracks hundreds of thousands of employees globally across many industries, shows that in the fall of 2020 — increases in worry about job security and health are two times higher among leaders than among non-management members.

As leaders work to implement change, 37% of HR staff believe their leaders are ill-equipped to lead change, and 66% of their teams do not trust them or the leadership to navigate change or crisis. It’s time to take care of leaders, to prepare them for the fluid task of running businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Learn the three essential areas of understanding that will make leaders successful in the future.

Learning Objectives

1. Improve empathy, listening, and communication skills.

2. Learn the importance of adaptive capacity.

3. Embrace your own self-care.

About the Presenter(s)

Alanna Fincke

Senior Vice President Content, Head of Learning

Alanna is a health and wellbeing expert who helps people build their resilience and coping skills, bringing about long-term change in their health, wellness, work performance, and the full spectrum of their lives. As meQuilibrium’s SVP of Content, Alanna is primarily focused on making the powerful sciences of resilience and cognitive behavioral therapy accessible and understandable for all people. She is passionate about how technology can support the development of new habits and behavioral changes that enable people to thrive.

Alanna is also a Duke-trained integrative health coach with special training combining eastern and western modalities. Alanna combines her resilience expertise and coaching abilities to train individuals, groups, and leaders in making transformational change.

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