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Conference Learning Tracks

All conference sessions must align with one of the 5 Rehumanizing Principles that are essential for transforming workplaces and communities. Please be sure you are familiar with these before you begin the application

  • lighthouse
    Build a Lighthouse
    We can find energy and calm in the midst of the uncertainty of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) storms by illuminating and clarifying our purpose and vision and anchoring our behaviors in our core values. This track is about the value of clarifying and leveraging a strong purpose, operationalizing core values and how to keep them front and center to guide people and create a cohesive and meaningful work experience.
  • fearless environment
    Create Fearless Environments
    In order to adapt and thrive, we need everyone to feel safe contributing their ideas, asking for help, and speaking up with concerns. Thriving teams aren’t all unicorns and rainbows; they speak up about hard things. This track is about the value of nurturing physical and psychological safety and how it can be fostered to create environments where people can thrive and maximize their impact on all stakeholders.
  • wade in messy middle
    Wade in the Messy Middle
    Our VUCA world demands that we shift our mindsets and grow and adapt in ways like never before. Our inner game (mindset, beliefs) runs our outer game (behaviors, skills). We must upgrade our inner game; and there is no shortcut. We have to embrace the discomfort and do the work to move from reactive, armored and self-protective to intentional and effective. This track is about the messiness of being human and change and what it takes to support people and organizations to navigate this journey.
  • leader
    Show Up as a Leader
    Leadership is maximizing our positive impact on the world by becoming our best, fully authentic selves and supporting those around us to break past barriers and step into their greatness. Every one of us has the opportunity to (and needs to) show up as leaders in our lives and influence positive change. This track is about creating opportunities for people to show up as leaders (regardless of their roles) in an authentic way, rethinking how we develop people, and what’s possible when we enable and support people to be more effective and grow their impact.
  • find your tribe
    Find Your Tribe
    This is not a solo journey! We are hardwired to be in connection with others. We must intentionally seek out others who are different from us and build and nurture community; then we can leverage that energy to influence and lead positive change. This track is about building community, leveraging diverse relationships to foster meaningful change, and everything related to creating workplaces that support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.