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5 Reasons Why Fusion 2.0 Is Different Than Other Conferences

1. It’s Built around a Mindset, not a Department

Fusion 2.0 does not target a single discipline, department, or job function. Instead the conference is for all professionals who embrace the mindset that organizational success relies on putting people first at work.

2. It’s People-Focused

Our diverse group of speakers & presenters will not be promoting the latest trends or technology that make unfounded claims about reducing costs, improving ROI, or guaranteeing compliance. Instead you will learn how to measure success using valid metrics that honor the complexities of the human experience.

3. It’s Collaborative

The conference promotes collaboration and cross-functional learning. You’ll gain a new perspective when you develop relationships with peers outside of your functional area. There are 5 learning tracks, but we encourage all participants to attend sessions in every track. Purposeful networking opportunities also help you find synergy with other conference attendees.

4. It’s Practical

The daily agenda includes end-of-day facilitated learning sessions to help you pull it all together, and learning labs offer hands-on activities and concrete takeaways. When you leave the conference, you’ll have an action plan and you’ll receive follow-up support. And the conference has a realistic schedule that includes time for recreation and rejuvenation.

5. It’s rooted in the most up-to-date research and scientific breakthroughs, not just the latest trends

The integrated approach to improving workplace culture Fusion 2.0 promotes is backed by all kinds of research. You’ll also learn leading-edge principles from the Innovators Series, which features successful companies that are breaking the mold by putting people first.

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