Rehumanizing the Workplace is NOT a Solo Journey: Community Brain Trust
Learning Lab

Presenter: Michelle Spehr


Track: Create Fearless Environments

About the Session

Fusion 2.0 brings together a knowledgeable and supportive community of leaders and culture champions who are dedicated to rehumanizing the workplace. To be successful, we can't do this work alone. This learning lab is focuses on structuring a collaborative, non-judgmental discussion environment where participants can share and leverage their experiences and unique perspectives to support each other. You will be involved in a facilitated group discussion where you can share your workplace culture challenges and the group will mindfully listen, ask clarifying questions, and then offer suggestions, feedback, and recommendations. Come open and willing to contribute and share experiences, ideas, and insights.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe what a community brain trust is, explain its purpose, and list at least three benefits of using this process.

  2. Identify the five phases of the community brain trust process for structuring a collaborative, non-judgmental discussion environment where individuals feel safe contributing their ideas, asking for help, and speaking up with concerns.

  3. Understand how the brain trust process can be applied in workplace or community settings to leverage experiences and unique perspectives from a diverse group of individuals.

About the Presenter(s)

Michelle Spehr

Consultant / Facilitator
ViDL Solutions, Inc.

Michelle is known for her ability to inspire positive change by curating connections -- connecting people, connecting ideas, and connecting people with ideas.

She is a seasoned consultant and thought-leader who helps organizations identify and apply creative solutions to foster purpose-driven workplace cultures, enhance employee wellbeing, and build thriving communities. She works for ViDL Solutions providing consulting and training services focused on developing courageous leaders, improving team dynamics, and supporting employee wellbeing. She is a Culture First - Milwaukee Chapter Lead where she partners with others who believe a better world of work is possible. They create inspiring experiences to amplify, educate and connect Culture Champions. She is also actively involved in the Conscious Capitalism Chicago Chapter.

Michelle obtained her Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant™ certification in Spring 2017 and is proud to be part of the Paradigm Pioneer Community.

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