We are proud of the quality and diversity of our core conference presenters. We are still adding speakers to the lineup, so check back often for updates!

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Master of Ceremonies

Brian Mohr

 “I can’t think of better people or a better place to spend my time!” says Brian Mohr of the Fusion 2.0 Conference. Co-founder of the new company, Anthym, Brian has been on a learning-based journey with an intense focus on people, purpose, values, culture, and leadership.

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We put great intention into selecting the right speakers that will provide a balance of topics and experiences so attendees have insightful, actionable content they can leverage when they go home.

Pre-Conference Speakers

September 12, 9 am – 4 pm
Start your week with a deep dive into the topic of your choice at one of our 6-hour pre-conference sessions.
(Each session includes a one-hour break for lunch on your own.)

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Core Conference Speakers

September 13-15
We designed Fusion 2.0 to feature world-class, diverse speakers, actionable content, and purposeful networking opportunities
to foster meaningful relationships and community building.

Keynote Speakers

Kristin Hadeed

Founder, Student Maid, Inc.

Alfonso Wenker & Trina Olson

Co-Founders Team Dynamics

Raj Sisodia, PhD

Co-founder and
Chairman Emeritus,
Conscious Capitalism, Inc

Neha Sangwan, MD

CEO and Founder,
Intuitive Intelligence

Speakers by Learning Track

Build a Lighthouse

This track is about the value of clarifying and leveraging a strong purpose, operationalizing core values,
and how to keep them front and center to guide people and create a cohesive and meaningful work experience.

Create Fearless Environments

This track is about the value of nurturing physical and psychological safety and how it can be fostered
to create environments where people can thrive and maximize their impact on all stakeholders.

Wade in the Messy Middle

This track is about the messiness of being human, dealing with change, and what it takes
to support people and organizations to navigate this journey.

Show Up as a Leader

This track is about creating opportunities for people to show up as leaders (regardless of their roles) in an authentic way,
rethinking how we develop people, and what’s possible when we enable and support people to be more effective and grow their impact.

Find Your Tribe

This track is about building community, leveraging diverse relationships to foster meaningful change,
and everything related to creating workplaces that support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Innovators Series

In these 25-minute sessions (not associated with any track) you’ll hear from the leaders of companies
that are breaking the mold by putting people first. Learn what worked (and what didn’t) in their journeys to rehumanize the workplace.