The Ideal Employee Experience using the 4 Principles of Connection
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Presenter: Jason Cochran


Track: Build a Lighthouse

Location: Small Ballroom

About the Session

In this session, we’ll address the problems created by the employee engagement model for people strategy and, thus, why engagement levels haven’t moved in 30+ years of research and implementation.

We’ll then explore an alternative framework (4 Principles of Connection) that examines people strategy through the lenses of employee experience and human-centered design thinking to infuse purpose that leads to personal fulfillment and organizational mission.

Participants will be given a simple, clear framework (4 Principles of Connection) for creating the moments that matter in the employee lifecycle along with specific tips and examples of employee experiences within each of the principles of connection.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the 4 Principles of Connection that matter the most for creating the ideal employee experiences throughout the employee lifecycle. The 4 Principles of Connection include Connection to Self, Connection to Others, Connection to Role, and Connection to the Organization. Participants will receive downloadable cards for each of the 4 Principles of Connection which includes a description, survey items for measurement, and recommended best practice experiences.

  2. Learn how to measure employee experience in your organization around the 4 Principles of Connection, and how to administer the assessment via the Dulead platform. Following completion of the assessment in the Dulead platform, receive results and recommendations based on the results.

  3. Obtain a 4 Principles of Connection Playbook to take with you to implement this simple framework to create, sustain, and iterate upon the ideal employee experience for their organization. The playbook includes descriptions, ways to measure, recommendations & best practices for each of the 4 Principles of Connection, and tips for internal processes focused on continual improvement of the employee experience.

About the Presenter(s)

Jason Cochran

M.A., Ed.S.
Business Psychologist / Co-Founder

Jason Cochran is a business psychologist and the co-founder of technology companies iAspire and Dulead in Indianapolis - - both of which are focused on human development. Fascinated with the exploration of human potential, Jason has devoted his life to building scalable solutions that attract, develop, and retain talent. He also has hands-on experience working with organizations in education and business leading people, change, process improvement, and digital transformation in consulting roles.

Frustrated with the shortcomings of failed employee engagement initiatives, Jason created the 4 Principles of Connection™ model (connecting with self, others, role, and the organization) which creates purpose through meaningful employee experiences - addressing the innate needs for why people desire meaningful work in their lives that leads to fulfillment.

He's also the co-host of the top 50 business podcast, The Geeks, Geezers, & Googlization Show, with fellow thought leader Ira Wolfe.

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