Are You Ready for the ESG Ripple Effect?

Presenter: Lou Raiola

Presenter: Michelle Weil


Date: September 12

Time: 9:00 am

Track: Build a Lighthouse

About the Session

By now you’ve probably heard the terminology - ESG, but what does that really mean? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance, and investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risk and growth opportunities.

Ready or not, the ESG era is already upon us and growing in emphasis. In fact, 2020 and 2021 were historic years for their level of global regulation related to sustainability disclosure. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is placing a large emphasis on climate change, human capital, board diversity, cybersecurity risk, and ESG funds as key issues for policies and rulemaking.

What could this mean for your organization? Many publicly traded companies are already producing annual ESG reports, but the ESG ripple effects are about to unravel. Private companies should prepare now for the imminent ripple effects of disclosure requirements targeting public companies. Fiscal sponsors supporting these companies can leverage existing, market-tested tools and recommendations to simultaneously help their publicly traded business partners meet pending regulatory obligations and better position their companies for sustained growth and profitability.

Join us for a thought-provoking session on ESG so that you’re prepared to go back to your organization to begin or enhance the ESG conversations and position your company to be ready and aligned with future ESG regulations. Learn how to leverage ESG as part of your purpose, people, and culture brand and overall value proposition. While ESG is still evolving and quite dynamic, there are things your organization can do today to begin your journey.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what ESG is and the importance of it for all types of organizations.

  2. Identify the potential risks associated with not aligning with ESG disclosures.

  3. Assess your own organization’s ESG readiness.

  4. Gain an understanding of what key elements align with each pillar of ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance

  5. Apply the ESG framework to help strengthen your purpose, people, and culture efforts.

About the Presenter(s)

Lou Raiola

ESG Solutions
With more than 30 years of experience championing causes that inspire social change through sports, entertainment and pop culture, Raiola is the go to resource when it comes to uniting stakeholder groups in collective efforts to drive positive social impact.

Lou Raiola is a recognized cause marketing pioneer that consistently has been at the forefront of each community impact innovation since the mid 1980’s.

Today, Raiola is a leading advocate for the adoption of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance ) Factors within all types of organizations. Raiola advises companies, influencers and non-profits on how to transform their operations internally, while creating valued services for external stakeholders.
Michelle Weil
Business Development Consultant
As a Business Development Consultant for ethOs, Michelle Weil’s main focus is on the career development side of wellbeing –connecting people to their purpose and helping employees determine what impact and value they bring to their organization. With the raise of the “S” within ESG, Michelle’s has broadened her focus to assist companies in better understanding how an ESG strategy can enhance their culture and employee experience.

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